Preposition Worksheet for class 3 with answer

Preposition Worksheet for class 3 with answer
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In this category, students need to fill in missing words in sentences. These words are usually prepositions or other words that make the sentences complete and correct. For example, in “The cat jumped ______ the wall,” the missing word is “over.” This exercise helps students learn how to put sentences together correctly and use the right words in the right places. It’s a good way to practice making sentences that make sense.

Fill in the Blanks (First 20)

  1. The cat jumped ______ the wall.
  2. We went swimming ______ the lake.
  3. He sat ______ the chair.
  4. She hid ______ the tree.
  5. The book is ______ the table.
  6. They walked ______ the path.
  7. The bird flew ______ the clouds.
  8. The keys are ______ my pocket.
  9. The ball rolled ______ the hill.
  10. The flowers bloomed ______ the garden.
  11. The squirrel climbed ______ the tree.
  12. She ran ______ the track.
  13. The picture hangs ______ the wall.
  14. The butterfly landed ______ the flower.
  15. The bus stopped ______ the station.
  16. The sun rises ______ the east.
  17. The cat slept ______ the mat.
  18. The fish swim ______ the pond.
  19. The kite flew ______ the roof.
  20. The pen is ______ the drawer.

Answer: Fill in the Blanks:

  1. over
  2. in
  3. on
  4. behind
  5. under
  6. along
  7. above
  8. in
  9. down
  10. in
  11. up
  12. around
  13. on
  14. on
  15. at
  16. in
  17. on
  18. in
  19. above
  20. in

In the True or False category, students decide if given statements are correct or not. They need to think about each statement and check if it’s true or false based on what they know. For example, “Birds fly under the water” is false, but “We play soccer on the field” is true. This activity helps students think carefully and understand what is true or false. It also helps them remember facts and information they have learned

True or False (20 Statements)

  1. Birds fly under the water.
  2. We play soccer on the field.
  3. Dogs live above the ground.
  4. The moon shines during the day.
  5. Books are kept inside the refrigerator.
  6. Fish swim in the ocean.
  7. The sun rises in the west.
  8. We sleep on the ceiling.
  9. Cars drive on the road.
  10. Birds sing in the trees.
  11. Flowers grow in the snow.
  12. Cats climb trees.
  13. Butterflies fly in the air.
  14. Stars twinkle in the sky.
  15. We walk along the sidewalk.
  16. Rain falls from the ground.
  17. Students study in the classroom.
  18. The wind blows in the mountains.
  19. Books are read under the bed.
  20. The sun sets in the morning.

Answer: True or False:

  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. False
  5. False
  6. True
  7. False
  8. False
  9. True
  10. True
  11. False
  12. True
  13. True
  14. True
  15. True
  16. False
  17. True
  18. True
  19. False
  20. False

In the Identify the Preposition category, students find the preposition in a sentence. Prepositions are words that show the relationship between different parts of a sentence, like direction, location, or time. For example, in “The dog ran ______ the park,” the preposition is “around.” This exercise helps students learn about grammar and how to use prepositions correctly. Knowing how to use prepositions is important for making clear and correct sentences.

Identify the Preposition (20 Questions)

  1. The dog ran ______ the park.
  2. The cake is ______ the table.
  3. They went ______ the beach.
  4. She lives ______ the school.
  5. We play ______ the ball.
  6. The cat sleeps ______ the bed.
  7. He walked ______ the river.
  8. The bird flew ______ the house.
  9. The book is ______ the bag.
  10. They sat ______ the bench.
  11. She climbed ______ the stairs.
  12. The fish swim ______ the pond.
  13. We walked ______ the forest.
  14. The sun sets ______ the mountains.
  15. He jumped ______ the diving board.
  16. She hides ______ the door.
  17. The car is ______ the garage.
  18. They went ______ the museum.
  19. The ball rolled ______ the hill.
  20. The plane flew ______ the clouds.

Answers: Identify the Preposition:

  1. around
  2. on
  3. to
  4. near
  5. with
  6. under
  7. along
  8. over
  9. in
  10. on
  11. up
  12. in
  13. through
  14. behind
  15. off
  16. behind
  17. in
  18. to
  19. down
  20. above

Preposition Worksheet for class 3 with answer

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