Components Of Electronic Level and Their Functions

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Snap Connectors (One-Snap to Seven-Snap):
These are connectors used to easily link different parts in an electronic kit. The number (one to seven) tells you how many connections they can make.

A device that makes a buzzing sound, often used as an alarm or signal.

Touch Plate:
A sensor that completes a circuit when touched, used in touch-sensitive devices.

Reed Switch:
A switch that opens or closes when near a magnet, used in security systems.

Button Switch:
A switch that you press to complete or break a circuit, like a doorbell button.

A general term for a device that turns a circuit on or off.

Photosensitive Resistor (Photoresistor):
A resistor that changes its resistance based on light levels, used in light-activated devices.

Red LED:
A small light that emits red light when powered.

2.5V Lamp:
A small light bulb that operates at 2.5 volts.

Battery Holder (uses 1.5V AA batteries):
A holder for AA batteries to power a circuit.

A device that converts electrical signals into sound.

Music IC:
A chip that produces musical tones.

Alarm IC:
A chip that creates alarm sounds.

Space War IC:
A chip that makes space-themed sounds.

Green LED:
A small light that emits green light when powered.

A device that converts sound into electrical signals, used in recording and communication.

Power Amplifying IC:
A chip that amplifies electrical signals to drive devices like speakers.

Components that control the flow of electrical current. They come in different values:

  • 100 ohms
  • 1,000 ohms (1K)
  • 5,100 ohms (5.1K)
  • 10,000 ohms (10K)
  • 100,000 ohms (100K)
  • 1,000,000 ohms (1M)

6V Lamp:
A light bulb that operates at 6 volts.

A device that converts electrical energy into motion, used in toys and tools.

Components that store and release electrical energy. They come in different capacities:

  • 0.02 f
  • 0.1 f
  • 10 f
  • 100 µ f
  • 470 f

555 Timer IC:
A versatile chip used for creating precise time delays or oscillations.

Metal Detector:
A device that detects metal objects.

PNP Transistor:
A type of transistor used to amplify or switch electronic signals.

NPN Transistor:
Another type of transistor used for amplifying or switching signals.

Variable Capacitor:
A capacitor whose capacity can be adjusted, used in tuning circuits.

A chip used for frequency modulation, often in radios.

A device that measures electric current.

A component that acts like a switch, conducting when triggered.

A device that transfers electrical energy between circuits, used to change voltage levels.

Recording IC:
A chip used to record sounds.

Solar Cell:
A device that converts sunlight into electrical energy.

Hand Crank:
A manual generator that produces electricity when you turn a crank.

Running Water Colored Lamp:
A lamp that changes colors to simulate the effect of running water.

Inductance Coil:
A coil that generates a magnetic field when current flows through it, used in transformers and inductors.


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